Alfredo Castiglione guest Zaccagnini Bolognano

On November 15th , Zaccagnini have had the pleasure to greet Alfredo Castiglione , Vice President of the Abruzzo Region with the special mandate for the Economic Development. Marcello Zaccagnini hosted Mr. Castiglione, illustrating the unique business philosophy based on the sever quality research and on the unique bond between wine and art. ” The Zaccagnini cellar- said Castiglione – is a company with over 120 employees that has graced the name of Abruzzo in the world through the fragrance of its wines of its land. Marcello Zaccagnini, with his family background and tradition , has been able to challenge the market giants, becoming a worldwide benchmark, combining love for wine and art. “At the end of the visit, Alfredo Castiglione has donated to Marcello Zaccagnini a coin called “Corfinum”, minted for the 150th anniversary of Italy’s Unification.