Clematis on the podium of the best sweet wines by Luca Maroni

The Clematis 2007 awarded as the third best sweet wine in the “Annuario of best Italian wines 2013” by Luca Maroni.

Rating: 95 – Thickness: 33 – Balance: 33 – Integrity: 29
Sensations: probably among the thickest and richest, most balanced and smoothest red sweet wines I have ever had the pleasure to meet, value and enjoy. On the palate, maximum value of concentration, weight, softness, thick blackness, followed by the most persuasive taste possible: no better proportion of softness, tannin or smoothness would be possible. Balance acidity/smoothness/tannin and sweetness: at maximum scale. Further to the pure value, what is wonderful here is the fusion, the creamy emulsion among different flavor elements. They are softly and stupendously embraced in a sauce of menthol blackberry in a turgidly of first sweetness.
An imperfect wine, for souplesse and for concentration, grandiose in power and impressive for its monumental thickness. Certainly the best Montepulciano Passito of the year, and one of the best ever.