Aster Moscato
Sparkling Wine

Aster Moscato

Sweet Sparkling Wine


Aromatic sweet sparkling wine

grape variety


area of production

Abruzzo region

vine training system

Tendone and espalier

harvesting period

Usually early


Soft pressing and cold static decanting of the must.

ageing and maturing

Fermentation at controlled temperature in autoclaves using the Charmat method, with fermentation stopped by cooling. Ageing in the bottle.

tasting notes

Color: Straw yellow color. Aroma: Delicate bouquet, aromatic scent typical of the grape variety. Taste: Elegant flavor. Goes well with desserts.


On sale the year after the harvest and is considered ready to drink.

storage instructions

Store in a cool, dry place

transport instructions

Room temperature

alcohol content

8% vol

serving temperature


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