The wooden stick so called “Tralcetto”, dedicated to the friendship has been assigned to Antonio Guidi

The twelfth edition of the “Tralcetto dell’Amicizia”, literally “Wooden stick of the friendship”, a symbol that honors the commitment  and social attitude, due to the historical bond between Ciccio Zaccagnini and Peppino Prisco, has been assigns this year to Antonio Guidi, awards the Family&Social Solidarity Minister. The authoritative jury rewarded Mr. Guidi who has shown remarkable commitment to the community over the years, despite the difficulties due to his medium grade quadriplegia . Antonio Guidi, author of 300 books translated and distributed all over the world, joins the list of the illustrious winners dated back 1999, as Peppino Prisco, Ermanno Olmi, Ennio Morricone, Gigi Proietti and other prominent standing personalities on the national scene.