Zaccagnini among the most popular wines in the USA

According to an article of the newspaper “I tre bicchieri” of Gambero Rosso, matching the data of ICE and of the Custom Department, it has been possible to draft the podium of the most popular wine sold in the USA (Horeca and GDO channel).
in the world most important and richest market, the US market, where Italian wines are the most drunk in restaurants and the most purchased in wine shops and supermarkets (even if the aggregated data of the first quarter indicate -5,6% in volume and -3,8% in value) there are some labels that occupy the podium of “Best Seller” according the numbers of the Wine&Spirit Magazine (confirmed by the data of the Export Trade Department and by the New York ICE office). On the podium of red wines the silver medal goes to Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Tralcetto of Cantine Zaccagnini, Bolognano: invented by the winemaker Concezio Marulli, the Tralcetto has grown in the last years with +30! Last year, it has registered an increase of 40%, thanks to some agreement made with big supermarket chains, ad Whole Food, Stew Leonard’s and Trader Joe’s, where this Montepulciano cannot be found on shelves together with other bottles, but is exposed with boxes or in “castle” of 7-8 meters heights. In April 2003 the Tralcetto has obtained the Cover of Wine Spectator, as one of the best Italian wines for price-quality relation and since then the growing rate has always been double figure. In the Tri-State (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, 30 millions of inhabitants) where 60% of the Italian wines is sold, the Tralcetto overtakes the Santa Cristina by Antinori, according to the megastores data of Whole Food, Stew Leonard’s, Corrado (the most important wine shop in New Jersey), Viscount (the most important winestore of the New York state), and Sherry Lehman (the most important wine shop in New York City).