Wine, art of man

An inclusive space to celebrate art

An inclusive space to celebrate art

An unbreakable combination

For Marcello Zaccagnini, wine and art are an indissoluble combination. Two forms of pleasure that require to be equally cultivated with love, patience and rigour

We love art

in all its forms

Much more than a winery

In 1984, the Zaccagnini winery embarked on a journey that led it to become an inclusive space, a cultural reference point for artists, musicians, writers and enthusiasts. Some of the important events that the winery has hosted include the “Premio Nazionale Giuseppe Prisco” and the “Tralcetto dell’Amicizia”.

Breathing art

The vineyards and Cantina Zaccagnini are places where you can breathe art, every day. This is why we have created a unique gallery where you can stroll among the works of contemporary artists such as Joseph Beuys, Mimmo Paladino, Pietro Cascella, Diego Esposito, Bizhan Bassiri, Franco Summa, David Bade, Gino Sabatini Odoardi, Simone Zaccagnini, Sandro Visca, Dino Colalongo and Mauro Berrettini.