Abruzzo DOC Passerina
Le terre dell'Abate

Le Terre dell'Abate

Abruzzo DOC Passerina


Abruzzo DOC Passerina

grape variety


area of production

Abruzzo region

vine training system

Tendone and espalier

type of soil

Clayey of medium texture


Soft pressing of the grapes, cryomaceration, vacuum pressing to extract only the free-run must, cold settling of the must and fermentation of the clear fraction at a low temperature in stainless steel.

ageing and maturing

Matured in steel vats with subsequent ageing in the bottle. On sale on average in the spring after the harvest.

tasting notes

Color: Straw yellow with golden hues. Aroma: Fragrant bouquet of white flowers and enriched by very ripe yellow-fleshed fruit, leading to tropical fruit, with hints of sweet spices. Taste: Freshness and flavor take over in a vibrant way, determining the dynamic development of the sip.


If well stored, it can express itself pleasantly not only in the first but also in the second and third year after the harvest

storage instructions

Store in a cool, dry place

transport instructions

Room temperature

alcohol content

13% vol

serving temperature


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